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You wouldn’t want your office to look dirty because that could reflect poorly on your business. Keep your workplace tidy by hiring the experts at Jade’s Premium Quality Cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services will help you maintain a professional atmosphere and even boost your company’s productivity.

Weekly (Most Popular)

A weekly cleaning service is most preferred by our clients because it allows us to keep their office space in tip-top shape with fewer messes piling up.

Every Other Week

Our cleaning service every other week takes care of the tough deep cleaning, but expect some dust and clutter to collect in between cleanings.

Once a Month

Cleaning once a month is recommended for clients who want a deep cleaning every now and then but are able to keep up with chores the majority of the time.

One-Time Cleaning

We always recommend regularly scheduled cleaning services for commercial spaces, but we understand that not all clients have the time or a reason for this. For example, many of our one-time commercial cleaning clients are moving into a new office, or out of an old one, and want to ensure the empty space is in tip-top shape.

Whatever the reason for a one-time cleaning service, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied, and your office space will be left spotless. Many clients have told us after a cleaning that their employees’ overall moods and work ethic improved after coming into a clean, fresh environment!

What’s Included

We understand that you want only the best cleaning service for your commercial space. Our list of included services will ensure that your office space is in top-notch condition before we leave your appointment. Our commercial cleaning services are promised to include:

  • Dusting of all office & desk surfaces
  • Bacteria-eliminating sanitization
  • Floor cleaning (carpets and hard floors)
  • Removal of all trash from bins
  • Detailing to ensure every inch of the space is to our standards

Carpet Cleaning

Our industry-preferred methods extract stains and impurities from deep within your carpets.

Floor cleaning

Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of the floors in your home is standard in our cleaning service.


Say goodbye to that pesky layer of dust that covers your entire home, we pick up every last bit.

Surface Sanitization

Germs don’t stand a chance against our eco-friendly sanitizing products.

Bathroom Detailing

We clean all those nooks and crannies in your bathroom that are always collecting dust.

Appliance Deep Cleaning

You won’t believe how clean your oven other appliances will look & smell after our deep cleaning process.

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